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The history of the company
Dale of Norway

It is August 22, 1879, when Peter Jebsen, the future founder of the company, comes to Dale, the small village on the west coast of Norway, and is fascinated by the impressive nature, the steep mountain slopes and the picturesque waterfalls. He settles there and in 1879 gets into the production of cotton yarn and woven materials.

In the following years, new spinning mills are built and the patented Heilo yarn used today is invented. In 1956, the foundation is laid for close cooperation with the Norwegian Ski Federation, the same year the national ski team competes in the Olympic Games wearing the "Cortina" sweater. Many other strategic partnerships followed, such as those with the Norwegian national biathlon team, US Ski and Snowboard Association, the American Olympic Committee, the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, and most recently with the IOC. Norway has had an official team sweater for the Summer Olympics since 1992. The Tokyo Sweater is the official team sweater for Norwegian participants in the 2022 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo.

All these strategic partnerships are only possible because Dale of Norway is constantly launching new, innovative products of the highest quality, be it high-tech materials such as Polarwind® and Teflon® treated yarn, or new-age knitting technologies such as Whole-garment® and Knitwear® that revolutionize the manufacturing process.


Philosophy of the company
Dale of Norway

Products are made from high quality pure Norwegian wool. According to the production facilities at the company's site in Dale, Dale guarantees a flawless production process - from the wool to the finished product. The company is particularly characterized by its close connection to the country's tradition, its culture and its impressive nature. The bond is also reflected in all designs and model names: sometimes it is an outstanding personality such as Roald Amundsen, the world-famous polar explorer, in whose memory a sweater is created in traditional imitation, sometimes it is Narvik, the small town located on a peninsula in northern Norway, that serves as inspiration.

Dale of Norway is a proud supporter of winter sports worldwide. In addition to the Norwegian Ski Federation, Dale of Norway is also the official supplier of the Norwegian Biathlon Federation. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed Dale of Norway to use the five Olympic rings, the official Olympic logo, as part of its logo.

Dale of Norway is the leading manufacturer of Norwegian knitwear.

Important informations

Wool - a natural product

The unique properties of wool
Wool is nature's "high-tech" fiber. No man-made fiber can match the unique properties of wool.
It has excellent insulating properties, is breathable and wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you warm even when wet. It regulates temperature and is odor resistant.
Wool's technical properties summarized:

- 100% natural, sustainable fiber
- Excellent insulation
- Excellent breathability
- Regulates temperature
- Warms even when wet or damp
- Absorbs and wicks away moisture
- Antibacterial and odor resistant
- Can be refreshed by simply hanging in the fresh air
- Elastic and keeps its shape
- Non-static and fire retardant

Dale of Norway wool

Dale of Norway wool consists mainly of Norwegian wool and merino wool.
The collections are designed with different types of wool, which are adapted to each product individually. Since 1879, production techniques have been refined to produce garments with long-lasting properties. This is the secret of the unique wool garments with unsurpassed quality and durability.

High quality pure Norwegian wool

Norwegian wool is known for its unique brilliance, strength and durability. It is more voluminous than lighter wool qualities, which makes it an excellent insulator. Due to the sheep's natural life in the mountains, Norwegian wool is one of the most animal-friendly textile fibers in the world. Dale of Norway Norwegian wool comes from the "Dalasau" (valley sheep), known to roam freely in the vast Norwegian mountainsides and graze on natural pastures.

Longer lasting garments are key to a more sustainable lifestyle. Combined with advanced knitting techniques, they create beautiful garments that maintain their fit and shape over time.
In addition, Norwegian wool is less prone to pilling. As a result, Norwegian wool sweaters and jackets retain their fresh appearance.

Slow fashion and sustainability

With increasing attention to the impact of our environment on the planet, a more conscious - and much needed - attitude towards the production and consumption of textiles has broken out. The textile industry has long been dominated by "fast fashion," with constant novelties produced mainly in developing countries. Our staggering consumption of textiles has been in stark contrast to our increasing concern for our footprint on the planet.

With a consistent focus on producing high quality, durable garments made from 100% wool, the Dale of Norway collection is built to last, both in design and quality. Dale of Norway is not a trendy brand with a new collection for every season, focusing on short-lived micro trends.
Dale of Norway works with longer lines. The annual collection launch is equally focused on continuing the classic bestsellers. It can be said that Dale of Norway has been in the "slow fashion" business since before that
term even existed.

The knitwear is not cut and sewn, but fully processed. Dale of Norway knits the garment pieces into their actual shape and size and then joins them with a linking machine. This results in very little fabric waste, only 1-2%, unlike cutting and sewing where more than 20% fabric waste is common. This significantly reduces not only the consumption of raw materials, but also the consumption of wool and yarn, which must be processed and transported. In addition, production is constantly adjusted to demand. Overproduction and the associated environmental impact are thus avoided.
Being among the best in its class doesn't mean you can't get even better.


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