Information on wool & yarns

The Dale of Norway collections are designed with different types of wool that are adapted to each product. Over the past 140 years, Dale of Norway has refined knitting techniques to produce garments with superior durability.

All Dale of Norway yarns are combed and not brushed. This process removes short fibers and makes for a softer feel, little pilling (if any), and a crisp look. The high quality Dale of Norway merino wool is animal friendly and comes from certified suppliers. Dale of Norway merino wool is of course mulesing-free.


Wool & yarn

Durable Norwegian wool (33.5 microns)

A wool blend made in Norway from the "Dalasau" (Talschaf). Due to the natural mountain life of the sheep, Norwegian wool is one of the most environmentally and animal-friendly textile fibers in the world. This yarn offers an authentic look known for its uniquely crisp appearance and durability. Hand wash.

Durable lightweight wool (27 microns)

The high quality Dale of Norway 100% Colonial Super Wash yarn (27 microns), made exclusively for Dale of Norway, is perfect for traditional medium-weight garments that require a lighter and softer feel. Machine wash on the wool cycle.

Skinsoft merino wool (20.5 micron)

The super washable merino wool is one of the finest wool qualities available. The merino wool comes from merino sheep that live in a warm climate. It has very fine and long staple fibers that make the skin feel very smooth. Machine wash on the wool cycle.

Soft merino lambswool (20.5 microns)

Merino lambswool makes a thicker type of extremely soft and light yarn. Garments made from 100% wool from Merino lambs have a cozy, structured look. Hand wash.

Skinsoft extra fine merino wool (19.5 micron)

As soft as cashmere, spun from particularly fine premium merino wool. By using only the finest yarn in combination with Dale of Norway's unique knitting techniques, pilling has been reduced to a level that is normally not the case with such soft yarns. Machine washable on wool cycle.

Air-jet merino wool (19.5 micron)

With air-jet yarn, each fiber end is blown into a core in the middle of the yarn. This makes the yarn more durable than conventional soft yarns. Even so, the garment is super soft and remarkably light. Hand wash.

Skinsoft superfine merino wool (16.5 micron)

Superfine merino wool is the perfect functional fiber. Extremely comfortable to wear, itch-free and soft to the touch. This very finely spun wool is ideal as a base for sports. Machine washable on wool cycle.

Cashmere / merino wool blend (14 / 18.5 micron)

The beautiful mix of cashmere and merino wool combines two luxurious wool fabrics. While cashmere (14 microns) gives incredible softness, the soft and superfine merino (18.5 microns) gives elasticity and durability. Gentle on the skin, warm in cold weather. Hand wash.


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