The History of Dale of Norway


The History of Dale of Norway

On the 22nd of August 1879 the future founder Peter Jebsen arrived in the small village of Dale, on the west coast of Norway. He is immediately fascinated by the impressive nature, The steep mountainsides and picture perfect waterfalls. He settles in Dale in 1879 and begins to manufacture Cotton yarn and woven materials. In the following years, new spinning mills are built and began using the patented Heilo Yarn that is still utilized to this day.

In the year 1956 the cornerstone was layed for the close working relationship between Dale of Norway and the Norwegian Ski association. In that same year the Norwegian National team arrived at the Olympic games wearing the "Cortina"-Pullover. Over the years there have been many more strategically adventagious partnerships. Such as with the Norwegian Biathlon-National team, US Ski- and Snowboard Association, the American olympic Commitee, the Winter games of 2002 in Salt Lake City und lastly mit dem International Olympic Commitee.

All of these strategic partnerships were made possible by Dale of Norway due to the fact that they are constantly delivering an innovative product of the highest quality. Whether it’s hightech materials such as Polarwind® and Teflon®, treated yarn or new knitting technologies such as Whole-garment® and Knitwear® which revolutionized the maunufacturing process.


100% Wool

In accordance with the production facilities at the company's Dale site, Dale guarantees a flawless production process - from the wool to the finished product. The company is particularly characterized by its close ties to the country's tradition, culture and impressive nature.


Origins of the success story

The solidarity is also reflected in all designs and model names: Sometimes it's an outstanding personality like Roald Amundsen, the world-famous polar explorer, in whose memory a sweater is created in traditional style, sometimes it's Narvik, the small town on a peninsula in Northern Norway that serves as inspiration. Dale of Norway is the leading manufacturer of Norwegian knitwear. You can find more interesting information at:

Dale of Norway has been manufacturing high quality products since 1879 and is now the largest producer of traditional and innovative Norwegian knitwear. Since no artificial fiber can match the unique quality of wool, Dale of Norway uses Norwegian wool as the main component of our first class products. Wool is a unique technical fiber found in nature. Dale of Norway specializes in wool products and offers a wide range of yarns of various qualities. By twisting different threads, the strength of the threads varies. Dale offers 2, 3 and 4 ply yarns.


Wool & yarn


100% Norwegian wool. Heilo was introduced in 1938 and is the basis of most Dale of Norway products.


Dale offers a wide variety of merino wool garments. Soft to the touch and machine washable.


100% imported wool, processed by Dale of Norway. As light as sock yarn, soft and comfortable to wear.


Heilo yarn, nano-technologically treated to create dirt and water repellent properties.


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