Dale Unisex Sweater Isbjorn

The original sweater

Made in Norway since 1879

Because of its extraordinary properties that no synthetic fibers can compete with, wool is back in fashion..

100% natural wool

Nature works in its mysterious way. Trying to copy them can get you close, but not quite there. That is why wool is nature's high-tech fiber. And why? Put them under a microscope and you will see for yourself. Here are the highlights:

Wool has great insulating properties, it is breathable and transports moisture away from the body, it is odor-resistant - and it is a completely natural fiber! Since wool can freshen itself up by simply hanging it up in the fresh air, it does not need to be washed, which saves detergent and energy.

In addition, wool garments tend to last much longer than other garments. Better for you. Better for the environment.

Our beautiful and eclectic collection is carefully designed with different types of wool adapted to each garment. We have spent the last 140 years (!) Fine-tuning our production techniques. It should come as no surprise that we make unique, exquisite garments with superior, long-lasting qualities.

We believe in wool. You too?


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